A functional, yet plain-vanilla, guest bathroom in Stockdale, PA, was in need of a makeover to create a more interesting space for visitors. The homeowner had very specific ideas for the way she wanted to personalize this room, and she ordered some of the products before the project got started. Brandon Vadella and his crew at Rivers Edge Cabinetry were given the job to transform an ordinary guest bathroom into a space that showcased the homeowner’s personality and personal style.

closet wall removed
shower build out started
step in shower build out

Before work could begin on the new shower, however, the Rivers Edge crew had to add a trap because the old tub did not have one.

A wall drain system from Wedi was used in the new shower.

Wedi wall drain shower system

Another challenge presented by the shower installation was the mosaic tile floor that had been specially ordered by the homeowner. Unfortunately, she did not order enough tile and no more could be found. The crew got creative and worked in a border that extended the size enough so that it fit the new 3’ x 8’ shower. In the photo below you can see the work in progress to layout the shower floor with the new border.

Mosaic tile floor for shower in progress

Tile on the shower walls is porcelain that was installed in an sort-of ombre pattern. The colors transition from light to dark, from bottom to top. Also seen in the pics below is the drain installed at the bottom of the front wall, leaving the beautiful mosaic pattern intact without an unsightly drain hole.

Step in shower with porcelain wall tiles
Shower with porcelain wall tiles
mosaic floor tile in step in shower

The homeowner ordered special doors to create the vanity for the remodeled bathroom. The doors are 200 years old from a church in India, and they are extremely heavy, creating a challenge for the Rivers Edge crew. They had to specially build the cabinet boxes and frames to take the weight of the doors. Plus they used exterior heavy-duty hinges to support the weight.

The mirror over the vanity is LED back lit.

Vanity cabinets -1
Vanity cabinet-3
Vanity cabinet-2
Laminate entrance door to remodeled bath

Entrance door to the bathroom is a dark textured laminate.

One more unique feature in this unique bathroom remodel is the plaque over the toilet. It’s from an old school in the area that had meaning for the homeowners.

plaque installed over toilet